Great Ideas exists to encourage entrepreneurship and inspire projects within Grey. Whether it’s a unique opportunity or vital piece of equipment, Great Ideas offers each of us the chance to improve Grey; anyone can suggest a project, anyone can run a campaign and anyone can support an idea they believe in.

This process is called crowdfunding. Great Ideas has a number of active projects each of which has a minimum fundraising goal. If this goal is reached, the project will take place; if not, no one will be charged anything. You can support a project by sharing it with those you think would be interested or by giving to it financially. Some projects might have physical rewards - you might support a new college t shirt in return for the final design - while others may push towards a specific goal - you could support the boat club in buying a new College rowing boat.

Anyone can submit an idea that is then reviewed by the college according to our suitability criteria. If successful, it will be published and then the creators will be aided in promoting it. Campaigns stay open for a certain amount of time, after which the money is collected if the minimum goal is reached. There is a 2-4% charge made to handle payments, but since Grey is a charity we can claim gift aid, which means more money will likely be raised anyway. The college will hold this money, giving it to the creators to fulfil the project. Throughout the fulfilment process, supporters will be kept updated as to the project’s progress.

Great Ideas is a platform run by Grey College, licenced from hubbub. The College Master, Tom Allen has overall responsibility for projects, but campaigns will be run be Grey members themselves. Grey Projects Officer Nathan Young has been running the launch of the site and will support students as they run campaigns, helping them to plan their projects, film videos, and achieve their project aims. With Great Ideas, members of Grey can see their projects succeed.